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#Twentyseven lessons

#1 Life is better with coffee.


It’s my 28th birthday in a few weeks and it’s got me thinking about the last year. 27 is an important age, I knew it when I was younger and I sure as hell know it now. The year that makes or breaks you. I’ve cried a lot, laughed a lot, smashed a few more glasses but the lessons I’ve learned make me feel pretty damn grown up.
So- to the 27 lessons that have made me, thank you, for not breaking me.

#2 It all starts with being kind to yourself.

#3 If someone is meant to be in your life they’ll make the effort, they’ll show the fuck up.

#4 Don’t force situations or people, let things come and go as they please.

#5 Don’t chase anything that doesn’t speak to you.

#6 I am definitely allergic to cats.

#7 Don’t reconnect with toxic people in fear of being lonely, there’s nothing more beautiful than learning to be alone and fucking off the people who did wrong by you.

#8 Three words – Lush.Face.Mask.

#9 Be picky with who you invest your time with. Don’t waste money. Don’t waste makeup.

#10 Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

#11 Its okay to just be….

#12 Audio books are overrated.

#13 It’s hard to change yourself, it’s even harder to change someone else. The idea is – don’t waste your energy trying to change someone else. Focus on changing yourself or how you perceive other people. Or hey, maybe…don’t change a god damn thing.

#14 Trust yourself.

#15 What doesn’t kill you, will nourish you.

#16 Be honest with yourself.

#17 Give it three days…….

#18  ‘You won’t always be strong but you can always be brave’ – Beau Taplin.

#19 Never undervalue yourself.

#20 An ‘all nighter’ can ruin your week, lack of sleep destroys your soul.

#21 Spend time with people who are good for your mental health, if someone is draining you, take a step back.

#22 Focus on what you have, not on what’s missing – practice gratitude.

#23 Never underestimate the power of a good cry.

#24 Babies are cute, babies are also a lot of work.

#25 Don’t feel bad about breaking the rules.

#26 Bread, I can not quit bread.

#27 And last of all, feel a little bad for those who never go a little crazy.

I used to hate the idea of growing older and sometimes it still plays on my mind.
But if a struggle followed by a lesson comes every now and then, and helps me grow into the bad arse bitch I aspire to be, then bring on the ages.


Ef. xx