Beauty Sleep

So…. is it just me or does anyone else take around 1.5 hrs to get ready for bed?

It’s become apparent to me that I have a pretty long ‘before bed’ routine. My beauty sleep is super important to me, so of course I’ve incorporated the longest beauty routine EVER into my schedule each night. I go to bed fairly early, around 8-9pm – depending when my alarm is set to go off the next morning. Really keen on getting 8-9 hours each night. So that means that most nights I’m getting ready for bed pretty darn early.

Here’s my routine and all the little goodies I use to keep me feeling fresh.

♥Herbal things first. I have green tea as my night time drink. Some people might dispute this one and say it will keep them awake, but for me not at all. I find it great for my skin -keeping me looking fresh and detoxifying for my body. I make sure I time it right, not having it too close to sleep time otherwise I’ll have to go to the bathroom in the night.

♥Multivitamins! I take two calcium and magnesium multivitamin tablets, obviously this isn’t for everyone – it’s all a personal choice. My levels aren’t necessarily low but the extra couple of tablets at night really help to relax my body. I notice a difference in how busy my body feels when I don’t take them. Hmmmm- interesting.

♥Shower time. I’m prone to taking really long showers and it’s kind of hard not to when I use products like – ‘Honey I washed the kids’ by Lush, which smells like an actual honey farm. I wash my hair every second night and i’m really into Essano- Argan Oil of Morocco Nourishing shampoo and conditioner. Its a bit heavy on my hair but it smells beautiful and I try my best to use products that are deemed cruelty free. I have unforgiving thick, long arse hair, so I tend to let it dry naturally and then braid it so it doesn’t tangle while I sleep. Plus side – I have waves to kill for when I let my hair out.

♥FACE!!! My night skin care routine is different to my morning routine and I seem to change it up every 3 months or so. At the moment, I’m a big fan of charcoal face products. My skin absolutely effing vibes with them…for now anyway!
My favorite cleanser right now, which I seem to be going through really fast, the Dark Angels fresh cleanser by (of course) Lush. Feels more like a scrub though, it’s made with black sugar and charcoal to exfoliate, and rhassoul mud which deeply cleanses. I have to use A LOT of cold water to mix it in before I wash my face otherwise my face stains black but it’s flipping beautiful. Also a big fan of the Charcoal tissue masks, I use these just once a week with no other prep work or after care. It literally brings my face back to life on its own. I’m in love with this charcoal trend.

♥Moisturise. If you have read my previous posts on self care you would know that I’m a big fan of Moistursing. I don’t exactly have obvious dry skin but If I don’t moisturise before bed I have a very uncomfortable nights sleep. I have tried countless body moisturisers and I’m definitely open to suggestions but at the moment I’m using the Nivea 48hr express hydration. If I have freshly shaven legs, and being summer I feel like I’m doing this everyday, I’ll wait 30 minutes to an hour before applying. BUT I don’t apply this to my face, body only. I’m particular with what I do and don’t apply to the face.
Another little favourite of mine at the moment is fractionated coconut oil. This is one I can apply after I’ve freshly shaven without a worry.
It’s basically the same as coconut oil but it’s had the fatty acids removed, so I can freely apply it to anywhere without the worry of clogging up my pores or leaving that greasy trace. 

♥Brush your teeth!!! Can I just say – I flipping hate toothpaste. It makes me gag. So I’m not about to get into a toothpaste branding debate. But has anyone else been hooked on the carbon cocoa activated charcoal teeth whitening?….. I brush my teeth as normal, then I go over with the carbon and then brush them quickly again as normal to make sure all the charcoal has gone. It works! It’s not at all phony. I mean, it doesn’t last forever and you have to keep doing it daily as the results are temporary BUT it’s harmless and a cheap way to whiten your teeth. Plus it doesn’t taste awful, and smells kind of nice.

♥Prep!!! I’m pretty obsessive when it comes to organising my day in advance.
I like to make sure everything is organised for the next morning, outfit, food prep, bag packed, where I’m going, how I’m getting there, timetables etc. This way I’m going to sleep knowing I don’t have to stress about anything for the next day because it’s already done and ready to go – I just have to turn up on time looking fresh. Does it always work? No, not at all! But it definitely relieves me of any anxiety so I get a good nights sleep.

♥Bed time (finally). I’m really into diffusers and essential oils at the moment. I love my little diffuser with a built in light. I used to sleep with a lamp on and this saves me having to do that. At night I’ve been diffusing Vetiver. It has so many benefits one of them being a natural sedative. But for me it’s done wonders for any inflammation, my skin feels moisturised and my mood is very calm and grounded. Before I started using the diffuser I would lay in bed thinking the most absurd thoughts before I fell asleep, if I ever fell asleep…..but now I’m pretty chilled and fall asleep within minutes.

Some people literally just brush their teeth (hopefully) and go to bed. I envy those people and if you’re one of them -HOW do you do that??!! If I do that, my sleep is broken and I wake up looking and feeling like a mess.

Anyway, until next time  XX Ef

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